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National Catholic Singles Conference

Earlier today, I came across the website for this year’s National Catholic Singles Conference (, which is scheduled for Oct. 23-25 in Atlanta. I’ve done some research on the conference, and will do some more research (specifically on how much it costs), but I’m strongly leaning toward attending the conference. You guys all know how much I stress about being 44 years old and unmarried, and worrying if I am the only guy on Earth who is going through the kind of stuff I am going through.  

Well, I think this conference presents a fantastic opportunity. At the very least, it will allow me to grow in my faith, meet new people (both men and women!), have fun, and probably remind myself that I’m not the only 44-year-old single, never been married, Catholic male out there. I’m sure the folks at the Lowe’s White Lake store would allow me to take the time off to attend the conference if I gave them sufficient notice!

Just wondering what you guys think of this? Any feedback is welcome!



I am a lifelong Catholic and a Detroit sports fan (especially of the Tigers and Lions), as well as a proud Central Michigan University alumnus (Fire Up Chips!). I live in Clarkston, MI and have two younger sisters and two cool nieces!

One thought on “National Catholic Singles Conference

  1. It is the experience of a lifetime!! I can’t begin to explain the blessings God brings at these events. GO!!! 100% I went to the one in Philly and met so many wonderful friends. I can’t wait to go to Atlanta.

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