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It’s official!

I have signed up for the National Catholic Singles Conference, which is scheduled for Oct. 23-25 in Atlanta. If you want to find out more information about the conference, check out its website at I am very excited about attending the conference and what it has to offer! I realize that it is about five months away, but I hope I can adequately prepare for the conference from a mental standpoint, as well as earn enough money between now and then to pay for my airfare, hotel and lodging, and miscellaneous expenses.

As I was driving home from a party this evening, I was listening to the SiriusXM channel 80s on 8, and heard the Guns ‘n’ Roses song “Patience.” Now, I am certainly no Guns ‘n’ Roses fan, but for whatever reason, that song resonates with me. Those of you who know me know that patience is not one of my strong suits. I can’t imagine God being a Guns ‘n’ Roses fan, but perhaps in His infinite wisdom, He was using that song to send me a message. Last week, I wrote about how much I feel the need to redeem myself for all the social unhappiness I experienced in elementary school and high school, and for my relative lack of dating experience. I still worry about if it’s too late for me, at 44, to find a girlfriend and eventually a spouse. Deep down, I realize that God has plans for me that are far greater than any I could imagine for myself! Still, in my human weakness, I want Him to make those plans known to me now, instead of in His time. I’ll never understand why I’ve had to go through the trials that I’ve been through.

While I realize that I need to trust God and His providence more than I do, I still feel compelled to dig in and fight the good fight, to keep my focus on character development and improving myself. Of course, I need to do this one day at a time. I’ll go stir crazy if I take any other approach! Still, for my own peace of mind, I need to persevere. I am thankful that I have family, friends and professionals to help me out and to encourage me to keep going when I stumble and fall (we all do, because we’re all human).

Hope you guys are having a good Memorial Day weekend. Please take the time to remember those who served our country so that we can enjoy the quality of life that we do. I would especially like to remember my grandfather on my dad’s side, who served our country doing World War II. 



I am a lifelong Catholic and a Detroit sports fan (especially of the Tigers and Lions), as well as a proud Central Michigan University alumnus (Fire Up Chips!). I live in Clarkston, MI and have two younger sisters and two cool nieces!

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