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Peace of mind

Yesterday, my friend John sent me a message via Facebook Messenger. Included in that message was a link to a blog, titled, “Seashell Nell,” in which the author wrote a post titled, “Someone asked me what I wanted.” The author then proceeded to write a bunch of things that she wanted, in quite eloquent fashion. A lot of those things were spiritually related.

My list of things I want isn’t quite as eloquent. In fact, there is only one main thing I want out of life, and that is peace of mind. Those who have read past blog posts of mine know that I can be hard on myself and unforgiving of myself for past transgressions and mistakes that I have made. I am certain that is not the healthiest approach to life. I want and need to remind myself that I am doing the best I can each and every day. My quality of life is important to me from this point forward, and that doesn’t have to include material things. Rather, the quality of my relationships with family and friends needs to take top priority. I think good things will happen to me once those take shape.



I am a lifelong Catholic and a Detroit sports fan (especially of the Tigers and Lions), as well as a proud Central Michigan University alumnus (Fire Up Chips!). I live in Clarkston, MI and have two younger sisters and two cool nieces!

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