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I’m back!

Well, I think I’m going to give the blogging thing another try.

I was reading some entries from Greg Eno, who also has a blog on this site, about Detroit sports, which is a favorite pastime of mine as well. I’ve always enjoyed writing, so I figure I may as well revisit the idea. Obviously, it’s going to take some persistence on my end, but I think posting entries in the evening hours, such as I am doing now, is a good idea. I’ve always had opinions on different topics, but no outlet to express them. That is why I am reinstating the blog. I will try to keep it light and fun (Lord knows there is enough serious and heavy-duty stuff in the blogosphere). I will also use it as a way for me to learn how to better express my opinions, in a more articulate and constructive way. That is a long-term goal of mine.

That’s all for now. Hope you folks check this blog out in the future!